More and more people shop at online retailers

Lots of internet companies now assign a wide selection of solutions for delivery. The most common is for now to have the order brought to a parcel shop, so that you can pick up the newly purchased products yourself on the day that suits you. The method is therefore extremely smart, and often also the most price-conscious form of freight.

The speed of delivery is of course very decisive, provided that we need to use the goods within a few days, and therefore it is quite wise that you check the estimated delivery date for the product in question.

Most internet companies provide delivery on the next working day for most of their products, but be careful as it depends on the order being placed before a specific time, so that they can guarantee to have the product serviced before then the staff hold a four-night stand.

A number of online warehouses offer postage-free shipping, but this often requires that you shop for a precise amount. Alternatively, you would have to grab the cheapest delivery model, which most often – no matter if you live close to Aalborg, Korsør or Svenstrup – will be to have the shipping company deliver your order to a collection point.

Young people buy from online stores

It is unusually flexible for people to compare prices (via e.g. PriceRunner) from different online warehouses and, in turn, several internet warehouses have seen the need to force the sale prices on their products – for girls and boys, but also for women and men – colossally, and even sometimes guarantee free shipping.

However, it can still prove beneficial to compare various online companies after a discount before completing your transaction, so that you are guaranteed to get the most attractive price.

One must nevertheless be aware that if an online store offers an item at a sale price that is considered unusually attractive, this can often be a signal of a fraudulent store. Transactions with cards are nevertheless covered under a statutory provision, which assists you as a customer against dishonest internet retailers.

Generally, we favor purchases by card or MobilePay. As an alternative option, you can use an installment solution from, for example, ViaBill, if you want to pay the payment in several installments.

A proof that the internet shop operates in accordance with the official Danish rules

Before people buy from an internet retailer, you should sort of look at the company’s trading conditions, but this is usually a time-consuming process project.

Another solution could perhaps be to check whether the online store is an e-marked member, because it is often a hint that the online webshop understands the Danish rules, and that the online store is regularly visited by experts who have been introduced in the legislation. It is a very good opportunity to get assistance when you encounter problems with your order.

In addition to this, we suggest that you be on the lookout for the elementary conditions that influence the transaction, such as the exchange policy guaranteed by e-commerce. Therefore, it is also important that you always save your receipt, so that you can testify to the purchase at any time, regardless of whether you are buying for a boy or a girl.

The time of delivery is particularly decisive

Trustpilot gives you certain desirable chances to consider the experiences of a number of existing buyers and therefore we recommend that you evaluate the webshop’s criticism before completing your shopping.

Facebook provides similar fairly honest methods to gain insight into the trustworthiness of the online store. In addition to that, some online webshops are seen where it is possible to register an assessment of the company’s service, which should just as well be used to assess how satisfied the customers are.

Our website is financed by advertising revenue. We have collaborations with a sea of online stores in which we present the companies’ goods, and collect a commission when you make a purchase.

Information regarding goods and online stores is maintained from time to time, but we do not accept responsibility for changes that may have been made since we last updated our data.

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